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This is paywear, only it is the most satisfying addition to fsx I could have. Here in England if you learn to fly then it will be about 75% of the time in marginal weather.

Flying an unpressurised aircraft, in any case you have a limited to a ceiling of 10,000 feet, unless you carry a lot  of O2. So the result is that you will nearly always be 'under the weather'.  As most places are around an hour apart the of course it makes no sense to waste time and fuel climbing to those sorts of altitudes anyway. The net result is that you can, within a short time find yourself doing old fashioned map  reading on quarter million map. (Always carry one for your route).

The great thing about 'PhotoReal scenery is that it gives you a true representation of the ground and features as seen from the air which looks a whole lot better than the default ground terrain supplied with FSX.

I also use an enhancement to this so that ground heights and features are more accurately displayed. This is a replacement ground MESH. It has more accurate and closer spaced ground heights contours than the default FSX mesh. Things like cliffs and valleys suddenly look more as they do in real life. Well worth adding.

Both of the above come ready to integrate into the standard 'add on scenery FSX menus'

Be aware that Photo Real scenery will take longer to load than the default ground scenery. I would like to convert mine from the JPG to the new graphic card ready format to speed this up - something for when I get spare time.

OK we do not all live where the sea is a nice truculence blue colour. Here in the UK the sea is kind of a black green colour and I have found a very good freeware option to adjust the FSX default 'water' textures to get closer to what it actually looks like from an airplane. This was a lil niggle of mine as i do a lot of flying near the coast. Haa in fact if you do much flying in the uk in non airliner types then you can bet that at some pint you will be crossing water. Hey don't forget to make sure you real life airplane carrier enough life vests for all aboard. Even if you are a strong swimmer you may not be in the best of condition after deciding your best option was to 'land' on the water. 'Ditching' is such a negative term isn't it?

FS Water Configurator